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The WNYPTA is an active group of people interested in physics teaching in the Western New York region including elementary, middle school, high school, community college and undergraduate and graduate university physics teachers, teachers-to-be and retired teachers. We meet monthly during the school year to share ideas, discuss concerns and finds ways to further our own professional development. Usually we meet 9:00am-noon Saturdays in SAMC 359 Science and Mathematics Complex  on the campus of Buffalo State College (map). Letters of attendance for three hours at a professional development event are issued each meeting.

Using this webpage, you can acquire general information about the WNYPTA, contact WNYPTA members, subscribe to the WNYPTA-L email list, locate the name of an WNYPTA member alphabetically or by community, complete an online membership form, learn about NYSS-AAPT state section meetings or contact the National American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

WNYPTA 2018-19 dates, keynote & workshop leaders (freebies and a make-and-take every time; updates are highlighted):

Sep 15, 2018 - Physics for Refugees (MacIsaac)
Oct 20, 2018 -
Making the Atomic Bomb + Meissner Train (DeMarco)
Nov 17, 2018 - Taking Physics Lab Home (Zawicki)+PO Rehearsal
Dec 1, 2018 - WNY Physics Olympics (Henry; competition event)
Feb 2, 2019 - Sierpinski Physics (Ettestad)
Mar 2, 2019 - Physics of Sound (Abbott)
Mar 30, 2019 - TBA

May 4, 2019 - AstroPhysics (Williams)
June 1, 2019 - American Modeling Teachers Assn (Uhrich)

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