Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 5/e
Chapter One: Introduction and Mathematical Concepts

The International System of Weights and Measures (SIPM)

National Research Laboratory of Metrology, Japan.

This is the official site of Japanese Standards. It shows how each of the seven bases or Standard SI units are defined. Pictures of the SI standard units are included.

Other interesting metric sites are The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Metric Page and Russ Rowlett's site of The International System of Weights and Measures (SIPM), a basic introduction to the metric system.

Vectors Tutorial

University of Guelph Department of Physics. tutorials/vectors/vectors.html

A tutorial on vectors with vector addition, resolution into components, and more. Great pictures with colored vectors, as well as a simulation of vector addition.

The Magnitudes of Physics

Compiled by George Goth, Skyline College, San Bruno, CA. Table conversion to HTML by John C. Lahr, Alaska Seismic Studies.

This compilation is a table of various magnitudes of different numbers, from the diameter of human hair to the mass of the Milky Way. An updated version of The Magnitudes of Physics was included as in insert in the December, 1996, issue of The Physics Teacher, a publication of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Freshman Chemistry Math Review Materials

Chemistry Department, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA.


Although written for Chemistry, this site contains useful information for physics students. The Math Review Materials includes the powers of ten, units: the factor-label method, significant figures and an algebra review. Each review contains a variety of questions for which solutions are available.

Study Tips for Introductory Physics Students

Compiled and edited by Dan Styer, Physics Department, Oberlin College, OH. StudyTips.html

This site contains tips that Oberlin College Physics faculty have found useful, particularly for students in introductory physics courses. These tips and suggestions will take more time and effort than a casual reading of the text, but should pay off with a better understanding of physics and an increased confidence on exams. Sections on solving Physics problems and the selection of Physics problems are also included.

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