Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 5/e
Chapter Twenty One : Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields

Motion in an ElectroMagnetic Field

Professor Mark Sutherland, University of Toronto.
/JAVA/electmag/ electmag.html

TControl the inital (nonrelativistic) velocity of an electrically charged particle in a (controllable) constant magnet field.

Professor Sutherland has a collection of physics applets and tutorials at fun@learning.physics.

The Vector Cross Product - A JAVA Interactive Tutorial

David McNamara, Alan Middleton, and Eric Schiff, Department of Physics, Syracuse University.

This tutorial teaches the vector cross-product. The ability to change the crossed vectors (A and B) and see how the changes effect the resultant (C) effectively shows how the cross product really works. While I usually get the best JAVA performance on my Mac with Internet Explorer instead of Netscape, this tutorial seems to work better with Netscape.

History of Mass Spectroscopy

by Gary Siuzdak and Jennifer Boydston, The Scripps Research Institute.

A History of Mass Spectrometry is a dynamic, interactive record of significant events in the evolution of the science. Interesting use of a mass spec diagram to show the time line of the development of Mass Spectrometry.

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