Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e

Chapter Three: Kinematics in Two Dimensions

Motion along a Curve

by engAPPLETS from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Animation of a particle motion in three coordinate systems (Cartesian, Polar and Normal) along with the components of velocity and acceleration. engAPPLETS is an Applets for Engineering Education project funded by the National Science Foundation with William Devenport, Rakesh Kapania, Kamal Rojiani, Kusum Singh.

Projectile Motion

By Prof. Andy Gavrin , Department of Physics, at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), IN..

Nice introduction to motion in two dimensions with a movie. Part of WebPhysics, a network of resources for introductory physics teaching.

Cannon Java Applet

Virtual Laboratory at the University of Oregon Department of Physics and Astronomy.

This simulator allows you to fire cannonball projectiles, varying their launch parameters, air resistance and gravity, and observing resulting trajectories.

Galileo's Analysis of Projectile Motion

Based on "The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective," a videotape by Joseph W. Dauben, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College.
galileo/ars /arshtml/mathofmotion2.html

Examines Galileo's experiments with the inclined plane on a table, which were used to study projectile motion. Galileo correctly reasoned that projectile was subject to two independent motions, and these combine to provide a parabolic curve.

Speed and Acceleration

By Ian Littlewood, Department of Physics, California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, Ca

The applet shows the motion of a car, being driven along a straight road. Acceleration of the car is controlled using the scrollbar. Velocity and acceleration as well as speed are shown.

Relative Velocity

Created by Andrew Duffy, Boston University Physics Department.

A nice simulation of the classic relative velocity problem with the speedboat, river and current and boat angle. Part of Physlab , created by Ali Loewy and Andrew Duffy at Boston University.

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