Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e

Chapter Six: Work and Energy

Exploring Gravity

Online tutorial written by Mariusz Kovle, School of Physical Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

This tutorial covers a range of topics, including Newton's Law of Gravitation, rotational and satellite motion, Kepler's Laws, gravitational potential energy, and modern physics application of gravitation (Black Holes and gravitational waves).

Roller Coaster Physics

Annenberg/CPB's Amusement Park Physics:

Design your coaster using the conservation of Work and Energy. This site includes a collection of links discussing roller coaster history, coaster phenomena, and a roller coaster database.

Also see Tony Wayne's RCP site:

Physics of Archery

These sites discuss the physics of archery.



An article by Dr. Randall Peters describing the nonlinear forces for a compound bow.

Energy, Power and Metabolism

Lecture notes compiled by MJ Alport, University of Natal on the energy content of food.

Also a short article on the chemistry of aerobic respiration by J.B. Calvert.

Work & Energy

A Multimedia Physics Studio tutorial by StudyWorks! online.

Includes descriptions of skiing, pendulum, roller coasters, motion on an incline and skidding.

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