Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e

Chapter Seven: Impulse and Momentum

Elastic Collisions

by Professor Mark Sutherland, University of Toronto.

Control the ratio of initial to final velocity in a collision between two equal and elastic point masses. Displacement is plotted in both the target rest and center of mass frames.

Professor Sutherland has a collection of physics applets and tutorials at fun@learning.physics.

Conservation of Linear Momentum

Tutorial from Java Lab at the University of Oregon Department of Physics.

Accelerate a rail car with cannon shots; collide rail cars all in 1D.

Momentum and Collisions

A Multimedia Physics Studio tutorial by StudyWorks! online.


Includes descriptions, animations and prblems on various collisions, mostly in 1D, but with one 2D traffic bender.

Momentum Conservation in Different Inertial Frames

Another insightful JAVA Applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang, Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University.

from his collection at the NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory.

Physics of Auto Crashes

Several excelent sites:

The last includes online portions of a fully-downloadable reference text -- the Accident Investigation Manual for Patrol Officers by Officer Luis Martinez.

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