Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Eight: Rotational Kinematics

The Physics of Roller Coasters Book

by Tony Wayne, VIP Physics Pavilion.

This book shows a simplified view of the design considerations and science a mechanical/civil design engineer must know when designing a roller coaster. It includes labs, assignments to be done at an amusement park, hands on design of a roller coaster, and more. Looks like 150+ pages of fun and physics.

Physics of Bowling Balls

By David C. Yerry of Mission Research Center,
Los Angeles, USA.

Figure-intensive slide presentation discusses strike angle, ball paths, lane friction, ball hook, reactive resinand commercial ball development.

Position, Velocity and Acceleration
in Uniform Circular Motion

by E. Sternin, Dept of Physics, Brock University.

ThisJAVA applet animates the relationship amongst r,v, delta-v, a, and delta-a vectors in uniform circular motion.

Geostationary Orbits

By Neal McLain, CSBE, SBE Chapter 24,
Madison, WI

This link is to the second article in a series about geostationary orbits (i.e. the orbit that allows communications satellites to remain at fixed points in the sky). The second article describes the geometry of the geostationary orbit. The series includes notes on antennas, pointing angles, Clarke, Kepler, etc.

Physics of Gymnastics

These sites discuss the physics of gymnastics.

All of these sites were produced by students.

The site A Physics Interpretation of the Front Handspring Vault has annoying pop up menus but the site is worth it.

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