Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Twenty : Electric Circuits

DC Circuits

Bill Teesdale, Department of Physics, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

A DC circuits tutorial which adressing schematic diagrams, Ohm's Law, resistors in series and parallel, and Kirchhoff's Laws. I get best JAVA performance on my Mac with Internet Explorer instead of Netscape.

Static Electric and Magnetic Fields and Human Health

John E. Moulder, Ph.D. and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

This is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) derived from an FAQ of the same name that was developed in the newsgroup of USENET. This FAQ reviews the laboratory and epidemiological evidence relevant to the issue of whether static (direct current, DC) magnetic or electric fields cause or contribute to cancer (or any other health problems) in humans. The responses are referenced to a huge biblography.

Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities:
A Vignette History of Electromagnetics

By L.S. Taylor, Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Maryland.

This is a picture of Joule, Kirchhoff and Stokes taken from Dr. Taylor's Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities. The gallery contains a list of various scientists involved in research on electricity and magnetism with vignettes and pictures.

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Program 32: The Electric Battery. Volta invents the electric battery, using chemical properties of metals.
Program 33: Electric Circuits. Series and parallel curcuits; the laws of Ohm and Kirchoff. Thirty-minute on-demand streamed physics lecture / animated presentation hosted by Professor David Goodstein of the California Institute of Technology as part of the Annenberg / CPB series The Mechanical Universe and Beyond.

This site requires cable modem (384K) or better speed connection to the internet and free registration with Annenberg / CPB.

Basic E&M with Animation

Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience (IPPEX), Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL).

An overview of basic electricity and magnetism with good animations which require the ShockWave plug-in (directions are at the site). .

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