Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Twenty Three: Alternating Current Circuits

The RLC Circuit

From Andrea Mameli, Gavino Paddeu, Paolo Anedda, Marco Pescosolido and Enrico Stara of the Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, Italy. Mirrored at Mississippi State.

This site displays an RLC (tank) circuit, and allows the viewer to interactively manipulate the values of Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance. An oscilloscope trace of the current and voltage output from an input sine wave can be seen, as well as a current vs. frequency plot showing how the resonance is affected.


PBS and the American Physical Society

Historical / tutorial online exhibit accompanying the PBS program Transistorized! co-produced with the American Institute of Physics. Includes sections on the p-n junction and ICs.

How A Metal detector Works, and
Building a Field Effect Transistor

JAVA simulationsfrom the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University.

Also, a very nice JAVA applet demonstrating the intricacies of constructing an FET.

There is a large and sophisticated site here called Molecular Experssions: Exploring the World of Optics and Microscopy that is well worth reviewing if you are interested in state of the art imaging microscopy and image analysis.

Solar Cell Operation; and
An Introduction to Light Emitting Diodes

from the Olympus Digital Microscope global web site and

JAVA tutorial dedicated to LEDs, solar photovoltaic cells and more from the Light and Energy module of the Physics of Light and Color collections here.

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Program 38: Alternating Current. A thirty-minute on-demand streamed physics lecture / animated presentation hosted by Professor David Goodstein of the California Institute of Technology as part of the Annenberg / CPB series The Mechanical Universe and Beyond. See also the closely-related program previous to this one -- Program 37 Electromagnetic Induction.

This site requires cable modem (384K) or better speed connection to the internet and free registration with Annenberg / CPB.

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