Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Twenty Four : Electromagnetic Waves

Propagation of ElectroMagnetic Waves

Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan Normal University.

Demonstrates how B, E and V (velocity) for an oscillating EM wave dynamically relate.

Sending and Receiving AM Electromagnetic Signals

The SchoolNet Support Group, Global-X-Change Communications Inc.

Your radio collects electromagnetic signals (Radio Waves) from the air. This site contains an experiment to send signals to your radio by using an electromagnet. Also see their antenna antics activity.

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Program 39: Maxwell's Equations. Maxwell discovers that displacement current produces electromagnetic radion, including light.. A thirty-minute on-demand streamed physics lecture / animated presentation hosted by Professor David Goodstein of the California Institute of Technology as part of the Annenberg / CPB series The Mechanical Universe and Beyond.

This site requires cable modem (384K) or better speed connection to the internet and free registration with Annenberg / CPB.

ZAPping CDs

ElectroMagnetic mayhem in your own kitchen!

Paul Haas describes how to amuse yourself with the pyrotechnics resulting from microwaving a CD. True mad science in your very own kitchen.

Mike Harrison describes and pictures the good clean fun to be had frying CDs with a high-voltage AC tesla coil.
Impress your friends!

Electromagnetic Spectrum Applet

W. Bauer, Michigan State University LITE project.

Applet producing look-up information by wavelength or frequency of EM radiation. Includes energy and other descriptions. An related site is the NASA tutorial on the E&M Spectrum.

Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health

J.E. Moulder, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

An extensive colletion of information related to heath concerns associated with EM fields, including static fields, power lines and cell phones.

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