Cutnell & Johnson PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Interference and the Wave Nature of Light

Physics Java Applets

Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan University Department of Physics.

A very nice series of wave and oscillation applets: Superposition Principle of Waves and Pulses, a great Fourier Synthesizer,Transmission of Waves (Reflection and Refraction), and Interference Between Two Waves (Two Point Sources).

[Young's Double Slit] Interference


This applet and tutorial illustrates Young's double slit experiment. It is a little slow to load and cycle new values, but is beautifully laid out and colorful.

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Program 40: Optics. Models of light based upon wave phenomena. A thirty-minute on-demand streamed physics lecture / animated presentation hosted by Professor David Goodstein of the California Institute of Technology as part of the Annenberg / CPB series The Mechanical Universe and Beyond.

This site requires cable modem (384K) or better speed connection to the internet and free registration with Annenberg / CPB.

Optics Highlights:An Anecdotal History
of Optics from Aristophanes to Zernike

By L.S. Taylor, Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Maryland.

This site is an Anecdotal History of Optics ranging from ancient history through the telescope, wave optics and ending with some roots of modern optical systems. The gallery contains a list of various scientists involved in research on optics with vignettes and pictures.

Bragg's Law and Diffraction...

by Konstantin Lukin, from the SUNY Stony Brook Project Java site.

This applet and tutorial illustrates Bragg X-ray diffraction for crystals.

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