Halliday, Resnick and Walker FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Three: Vectors

Vectors Tutorial

University of Guelph Department of Physics.

http://helios.physics.uoguelph.ca/ tutorials/vectors/vectors.html

A tutorial on vectors with vector addition, resolution into components, and more. Great pictures with colored vectors, as well as a simulation of vector addition.

The Vector Cross Product - A JAVA Interactive Tutorial

David McNamara, Alan Middleton, and Eric Schiff, Department of Physics, Syracuse University.


This tutorial teaches the vector cross-product. The ability to change the crossed vectors (A and B) and see how the changes effect the resultant (C) effectively shows how the cross product really works. While I usually get the best JAVA performance on my Mac with Internet Explorer instead of Netscape, this tutorial seems to work better with Netscape.

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