Halliday, Resnick and Walker FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Fifteen: Fluids

Buoyant Force in Liquids

by Dr. Walter Fendt, Augsburg, Germany.


Lower blocks of various densities into a fluid whose density you control. The force necessary to support the block while lowering it is shown. A nice simulation lab for Archimedes' Principle.

Dr. Fendt has a collection of physics applets on his site.

Aeronautical Learning Laboratory for Science Teachnology and Research (ALLSTAR)

NASA ALLSTAR Network Consortium.


A site dedicated to the instruction of flight-related history and the physical principles of flight. The Principles of Aeronautics sections include diagrams, activities and Macromedia animations of all physical principles of flight including airfoils, propellers, Bernouilli's Principle, control surfaces and paper airplanes, navigation, meteorology, propulsion, Charles' and Boyles' Laws, and more.

Laboratories of Flight : Wind Tunnels

by NASA Langley Research Center.


Wind tunnels play a major role in the design and development of virtually all aircraft flying today. Come take a tour and learn about their origins and how they work.

This site contains The Java Virtual Wind Tunnel which uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to simulate the flow of air over a two dimensional object. Written by Craig Hunter, Aero- and Gas Dynamics Division, NASA Langley Research Center.

The Heart: An Online Exploration

Online exhibition at the NASA ALLSTAR Network Consortium.


A site devoted to the most important pump and fluid in your life. The structure and development of the heart as well as cardiac health are presented at length. A killer reference site, the medweb cardiology site is referenced here.

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