Halliday, Resnick and Walker FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Thirty-One: Induction and Inductance

Motion in an ElectroMagnetic Field

Dr. Alan J. Scott in the Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Stout.


This animation illustrates three basic ways that an emf (or voltage) can be generated in a conducting coil by virtue of its interaction with an external magnetic field.

Dr. Scott has a collection of animations called On-line Animations of Time Evolving Physical Systems.

The Electric Motor: Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law

by Dan MacIsaac at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University.


This page contains instructions of how to construct a simple electric motor from a magnet, (enamel-covered) wire, a steel-clad D cell and two paper clips.

Dr. MacIsaac has a collection of simple experiments called Seat Experiments.

Comments, corrections and suggestions to Dan MacIsaac

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