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Chapter Thirty Four : Electromagnetic Waves

Sending and Receiving AM Electromagnetic Signals

The SchoolNet Support Group, Global-X-Change Communications Inc.


Your radio collects electromagnetic signals (Radio Waves) from the air. This site contains an experiment to send signals to your radio by using an electromagnet.

HP T&MAN Interactive Amplitude (and Frequency) Modulation Model

Test and Measurement Application Notes Series, Hewlett Packard Corporation.


This downloadable tutorial contains technical notes and video describing how both Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio (and TV) work. A complex download with a reward for the technically-minded; uses Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

ZAPping CDs


Paul Haas describes how to amuse yourself with the pyrotechnics resulting from microwaving a CD. True mad science in your very own kitchen.

Mike Harrison describes and pictures the good clean fun to be had frying CDs with a high-voltage AC tesla coil.
Impress your friends! Get an NSF grant!!

Propagation of ElectroMagnetic Waves

Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan Normal University.


Demonstrates how B, E and V (velocity) for an oscillating EM wave dynamically relate.

Raindrops and Dispersion

Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan University Department of Physics.


Demonstrates how a ray of sunlight is refracted, reflected and dispersed when it strikes a spherical raidrop, producing multiple rainbows. This is an animation of a problem originally solved by Newton in his book Opticks.

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