Halliday, Resnick and Walker FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Thirty Five: Images

Cow's Eye Dissection

The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.


This demonstrates a step by step dissection of a cow's eyes showing its different parts, as well as comparing the cow eye and the human eye. There is an accompanying Real Audio soundtrack which adds to the experience.

Bob Miller's Light Walk

The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.


Bob Miller's Light Walk is an exploration of light, images, depth of field, mirrors, pin hole cameras, etc. The walk consists of twenty nine different steps with various pictures showing different phenomena. For example: This picture of the sun was taken during a partial eclipse of the sun at the Exploratorium a few years ago, and shows crescent shape (instead of round) sun images.

Thin Lens Java Applet

Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan University Department of Physics.


A simulation that interactively displays the relationships between object and image distances and orientations for a mirror and a thins lens. I get best JAVA performance on my Mac with Internet Explorer rather than Netscape.

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