Halliday, Resnick and Walker FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS 6/e
Chapter Forty Four: Energy from the Nucleus

The CPEP Particle Adventure

Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory.


This site contains interactive tutorials, quicktime movies and classroom materials describing the standard model of particle physics, fundamental forces, experimental particle physics research, radioactive decay, and a history of atomic physics. There is also a tutorial on Fusion available.

Virtual Tokamak

Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience (IPPEX), Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL).


To show the principles of magnetically confined fusion, the site has a virtual fusion reactor, called the 'Virtual Tokamak.' Try the Plasma Drift Applet to get a feel for how magnetic fields are used to contain a plasma in a tokamak. Exercises can be used with the Virtual Tokamak to unearth the underlying fusion physics.

Hands on CERN

An education initiative by Stockholm University, Sweden, the Swedish Foundation for Knowledge and Competence Development and CERN, the European particle physics laboratory outside Geneva, Switzerland.


Hands on CERN is a project to make modern scientific information from high energy particle collisions at CERN available to scientists, students and teachers very soon after they have occurred. Explore the world of particles, the building blocks of nature- quarks and leptons. Learn about high-tech experiments, accelerators and detectors.

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