The M.S.Ed.-Physics degree programs at SUNY- Buffalo State College
Dan MacIsaac 716-878-3802 <> <http://PhysicsEd.BuffaloState.Edu>

      M.S.Ed.-Physics (NY Alternative Certification via Transitional B)     M.S.Ed.-Physics (usually 2nd NY Cert)
      New teacher cert for Science/Tech/Engg/Math professionals     STEM teacher cross certifies to physics
Program admission   Physics or related bachelor's degree     NYS certification in a secondary science
  requirements   3.0 GPA     2.5 GPA
      18 cr of non-physics science     n/a
      language req     n/a
      NYS Tchrs exams (LAST & Physics CST)     n/a
      3 written references & interview     3 written references & interview
Coursework             all courses 3cr unless indicated
                e = 2002 existing course
                n = 2002 new course
Seminar (3cr)            
r = 2002 revised course
  PHY500: Physics Education Research Seminar Y     Y
Physics Teaching Methods (6cr)            
  PHY510: Process Skills in Physics Teaching (6 cr) Y     Y
  w/ 40h early field experience grades 7-12 Y     N    
Physics Content w/Model Pedagogy (12cr)            
  PHY620: Powerful Ideas & Quantitative Modeling: Force, Motion and Energy (6cr) Y     Y
  PHY622: Powerful Ideas & Quantitative Modeling: Electricity and Magnetism (6cr) Y     Y
Project (3cr)              
  PHY690: Research Project Y     Y
Typical Electives   (all electives are by adviesement)           
  PHY518: Wave Phenomena and Optics 6cr     9cr
  PHY520: Modern Physics        
  PHY525: Nuclear and Particle Physics        
  PHY616: Advanced Dynamics        
  PHY618: Advanced Electricity and Magnetism I        
  SCI527: Current Topics in Science        
  SCI632: Curricular Trends in Science Teaching in the Secondary School        
  SCI664: Teaching Science with Media        
  SCI685: Evaluation in Science Education        
  Or other online course electives by advisement            
Teacher Cert Requirements            
  EXE633: Adapting Content Area Instr for Children and Adolescents w/Disabilities (or EXE 500 or 272 or other appropriate) 3cr     na
evenings, all semesters
  EDF529: Adolescent Psychology (or EDF503 or other appropriate) 3cr     na
some evenings, all semesters
  EDU416: Teaching Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools 3cr     na
some evenings
plus one of              
  EDU417: Adolescent Literacy (or SCI445) 3cr     na
some evenings, all semesters
  EDU609: Improving Reading in the Content Areas        
some evenings
  PHY502: NYSED 52.21(b)(3)(xvii)-regulated college mentored physics teaching experience paid employment for one year under NYSED Transitional B Certification 3cr     na
n; by arrangement; all F/Spr semesters
Total number of required credits: 45cr     33cr    
  Note: remotely located students with course by course preapproval can transfer in up to 9cr of PHY graduate courses from other accredited schools (including SUNY schools) including some online graduate PHY courses for teachers from:
NCSU <>, UVa <>, NTEN<> etc.