Checklist for MSED (Physics) (Alt Cert) candidates


1.  Admissions Requirements.  To be fully accepted (not provisionally; we accept both) into the MSEd program:

- bachelor's degree in physics or related area (engineering)

- cumulative GPA of 3.0/40

- min of 18hrs in 2 other teachable sciences (we prefer 6cr CHM, 6cr BIO, 6cr ESci)

- one year college or two years HS of foreign language

- passing scores on LAST, ATS-W (secondary) and Physics CST NYS teacher certification exams; see <> for arrangements.  Exams require registration 2-3 months ahead to avoid late fees; 2 weeks in advance is "emergency" registration

- full application packet including three letters of reference


2.  Introductory Component.   For NYSED Transitional B Certificate, complete all of the above and add the following before you could become certificate-eligible and can take a public school teaching job (or receive faculty references):

- 200 clock hours of pedagogical core study; usually by PHY510 and PHY620 (or PHY622) from the summer physics teacher's academy.  Clock hours = instructor contact hours.

After completing 6 cr but before completing 12cr of graduate coursework, you must file a Program Candidacy Form with the Graduate School

- 40 clock hours of field experience; with selected certified local area physics teacher during regular school semester hours - see Field Experience Agreement Form @ <>

- EDF503 Educational Psychology or EDF529 Adolescent Psych (or equivalent)

- EXE500 Individuals with Special Needs (or equivalent)

- professional workshops available through <>:

- Child Abuse Workshop

- Drug and Alcohol Workshop

- Fire and Arson Workshop

- start career planning/placement and professional folder process on 3rd floor Grover Cleveland bldg <>

- contact BSC certification officer for application/completion/approval of NYSED Transitional B Certification <>

- get a job! :^)


3.  In-service Component.  To receive the NYSED Transitional B Certificate, the above must be completed and the following undertaken to retain transitional certification and continue towards the appropriate NYSED provisional/permanent or initial/professional certificates:


- a signed, written agreement between the LEA and BSC Physics regarding course loading, mentorship & supervision

- appropriate mentored teaching in the grade and subject (physics) for which certification is being sought

- a written plan for mentored improvement signed by the candidate, principal, mentor and program faculty filed each semester

- good academic progress in the remaining MSED courses listed in the program catalog also listed at <>

- completion of the remaining required professional workshops (HIV/AIDS and SAVE; available through <>) and remaining NYS teacher certification examinations (ATS-W; see <> again)


Finally, to graduate you must file graduation paperwork and ensure all transcripts are received by the Graduate School one semester in advance of the graduation date.