What Physics Education Research says to Physicists & Physics Educators

Conference Website: <http://www.buffalostate.edu/depts/physics/symposium04/>

1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY 14222


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Friday, 16 Apri,l 2004:

9:00-12:00 APS Executive Business meeting (Campus House- Bldg #5);
12:00-1:00pm On-site registration (Bulger Communications Bldg #24)

1:00pm-1:20pm  Opening and Welcome (President Muriel Howard)


1:20pm-4:25pm, Buffalo State Bulger Communications Bldg #24

Session I: Recruiting and Retaining Underrepresented Populations (4 x 40min presentations + 20min break)


How we can help: The Rutgers Story

Dr. Eugenia Etkina, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University [1:20pm]

Can Corporate America help? How Xerox does it with The Xerox Science Consultant Program
Ewart O LeBlanc M.S., Manager, Xerox Corporation [2:00pm]

Coffee Break [2:40-3:00pm]

Hints from the Physics Enrollment Pipeline for Recruiting and Retaining Under-represented Students

Dr. Michael Neuschatz, American Institute of Physics [3:00pm]

Early Career Rotational Programs Help Kodak Build and Maintain a Truly Diverse Corporation  
Dr. John Lacek, Kodak Corporation [3:40pm]


5:00-6:45pm poster session (Buffalo Historical Society)

5:30-7:00pm cash bar and 6:45-7:45pm banquet (Buffalo Historical Society)


8:00-9:00pm, Friday 16 April, 2004 Buffalo Historical Society, 25 Nottingham Ct. near campus (directions)


Assessment and Achievement: True Confessions of a Reformed Practitioner

Dr. Michael Zeilik, Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University of New Mexico


By the end of the 20th century, robust research has proved that today's introductory physics and astronomy classes FAIL for most students most of the time. We are losing talented people from physics who often leave after running the gauntlet of disastrous learning environments. A full century of science education research and some twenty-five years of physics and astronomy education research (PAER) contains answers, focusing on peer interactions and classroom assessment.


Professor Zeilik received both the American Association of Physics Teachers' 2003 Excellence in Introductory College Physics Teaching Award, and the American Astronomical Society's 2002 Education Prize. Some of his work is at <http://www.flaguide.org/>.


Free parking is available. Attendance letters for teacher professional development or AAPT Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit are available. Courtesy of J.S. Wiley & Sons, attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite by E.F. Redish, value approx $30.



Saturday, April 17, 2004

7:00-8:00am AAPT Executive Committee Meeting (Caudell Hall Bldg #18)


9:00am-noon, Buffalo State Bulger Communications Bldg #24

Session II: Research on Learning Physics (4 x 40min presentations + 20min break)


Is understanding really the point of physics teaching?

Dr. Dewey Dykstra, Physics Department, Boise State University [9:00am]

Uncommon Knowledge: Student Behavior Correlated to Conceptual Learning

Dr. Ronald K Thornton, Center for Science and Mathematics Learning, Physics & Education, Tufts University [9:40am]

Coffee Break [10:20-10:40am]

Physics Education Research-based reform at a multicultural institution

Dr. Richard Steinberg, Associate Professor of Physics and Education, Physics Department, CCNY [10:40am]

Expert/Novice Comparison of Problem Solving Views and Attitudes

Dr. Karen Cummings, Dept of Physics, Southern Connecticut State University [11:20am]


Noon-1:25pm  Lunch by own arrangement (nearby restaurants)


1:30pm-2:50pm, Buffalo State Bulger Communications Bldg #24

Session III: Applying Research in the Physics Classroom (2 x 40min presentations)


SCALE-UP: Active Learning in Large Classes

Dr. Robert Beichner, Department of Physics, North Carolina State University [1:30pm]

The Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) in Physics Classes

Dr. Dan MacIsaac, Physics; & Kathleen Falconer M.S., Elem Educ & Reading, SUNY- Buffalo State College [2:10pm]


2:50pm Closing remarks: Presidents of NYSS-AIP and NYSS-AAPT; Fall04 conference coordinators


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