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Welcome to the Owen J. Roberts School District Physical Science home page!  On this page you will find a brief description of the site, some information about its author, Mr. Caban, and a summary of the Physical Science course.  





About this site...


In this site there are six pages each linked to the other by the navigation menu on the left.  Each page contains supporting information, materials, and links pertaining to the Physical Science course that this site was designed to support.  An outline of the site includes:

1)      Home Page

a)      About the site

b)      About the author

c)      About the course

2)      Class Information

a)      Calendar

b)      Daily assignments

3)      Review Materials

a)      Review Sheets

b)      Practice Worksheets

c)      Practice Tests

4)      Tests and Quizzes

a)      Instructions for online test

b)      Link to online test

5)      Lab Materials

a)      Lab report requirements

b)      Lab report grading rubric

c)      Link to TurnItIn.com

6)      Links


About its author...


Mr. Caban, originally from Buffalo, NY, moved to the Philadelphia area in August of 2005.  His educational background and teaching experience are listed below:


EDUCATION:   Buffalo State College, Buffalo , NY

                           Masters of Education in Physics, Currently Enrolled


                           University at Buffalo , Buffalo , NY

                           Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, June 2002


                           Houghton College , Houghton , NY

                           Bachelor of Science in Physics, December 2001


                           University of Oviedo , Oviedo , Asturias , Spain

                           Spanish Language and Culture Course, June 2002



EXPERIENCE:   Owen J. Roberts School District , , PA

   8/07 Present  High School Physics Teacher

  Instructed special education in an inclusion setting in Physical Science.

  Followed a curriculum and instructed gifted students in AP Physics B.

  Successfully completed an AP Physics B workshop.

  Managed an after school club Physics club.


                           Springfield School District , Springfield , PA

     8/05 8/07     High School Physics Teacher

  Developed a curriculum for a special education Physics class.

  Instructed special education students in Physics.

  Followed a curriculum and instructed academic education students in Physics.

  Began an after school club with assistance from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  Assisted in the planning and spending of science department funds.



About the Physical Science course...


The Physical Science course was designed to offer students an introductory look into the topics of Chemistry and Physics.  The course runs for 1 year and meets daily for 45 min.  The prerequisites for this course include Earth Science, Biology, and Algebra 1.  Students are encouraged to enroll in Algebra 2 while attending the Physical Science course.  For a detailed description of the course follow to the link to the course syllabus, Physical Science syllabus.





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