Physical Science

by: Mr. Michael Caban

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The Links page offers hypertext links to foreign sites that may be useful as research tools and/or review tools.





Discovery Education Streaming

Discovery Education streaming is a digital video-on-demand and online teaching service.  Students may refer to the site to revisit a video watched in class or to research a topic of interest.



The Giancoli Physics website is the home page for the Giancoli, Physics textbook.  Students may use the site to review textbook material or challenge their understanding with practice questions and problems.


Net Trekker

Net Trekker is an educational search engine thatís safe and easy to use.  It also categorizes resources according to topic, age level, and format.  Students may use this site for help with research.


Teacher Logic

Teacher Logic is a grade reporting software used by the Owen J. Roberts School District .  Students and their parents may log into the site and view up to the minute grades for any class the student is currently enrolled.