TPT WebSights column draft for May 2007:

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Summer course opportunities for Physics Teachers

I recently received a commentary from Sal Tatto of Fox Lane HS Physics discussing the role that attending summer physics courses for teachers has played in his early professional development.  He suggested this list of a number of summer courses for physics teachers.


Most notably, the Modeling Physics network will offer about eighteen modeling workshops for physics teachers nationwide this summer 2007; most of these are intensive full time daylong courses of two or three week duration and carry graduate credit.  Some offer financial support for attendees.  A complete list of modeling courses and sponsoring colleges and universities is found at <> under the title Opportunities for Professional Growth.  Tatto writes of his personal growth after two summers at the Buffalo State modeling courses at <>.


The physics departments of many college and universities famous for teacher preparation or for physics outreach offer summer workshops, courses and institutes for teachers, including the following representative examples with up to date web pages available as of late March:


Arizona State University: <> -- the national modeling physics headquarters, offering four modeling workshops and graduate summer courses for their Masters of Natural Science (MNS) degree for teachers.

Ball State University: <> -- both one week and more traditional courses; see especially Teacher Updating and Retraining Workshop Courses, including AP workshops.

Cornell University: <> -- the Cornell Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT)

Montana State University: <> -- live summer courses in Bozeman MT; part of the famous year round and online  NTEN /  NSTA collection of professional development courses for inservice teachers

Princeton University: <> -- one week Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Institute for HS Physics Teachers

SUNY-Buffalo State College: <> -- summer courses for teachers, including an online + summer M.S.Ed. program for HS physics teachers.

University of Virginia: <> various summer courses for teachers, including an online M.A.T. program for physics teachers.

University of Washington: <>  -- the NSF Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Inservice Teachers


A unique program Tatto points out is the weeklong Einstein Plus International Teachers' Workshop on Modern Physics in Waterloo, Ontario Canada conducted by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics <>.  All expenses save transport to Toronto are paid for non-Canadian applicants.


Vernier Software also maintains web pages for independent and corporate workshops for physics teachers at <>.  PASCO does the same at <>.



More online calculus based physics video lectures


Frank Nochese of John Jay HS physics suggests the following calculus-based physics video lectures by Walter Lewin of MIT:

Physics 1: Mechanics <>

Physics 2: E&M  <>

Physics 3: Waves <>