A short list of funding sources available for Physics Teacher preparation and licensure particularly suited for Buffalo State students and NYS physics teachers.

Any Incoming Science Freshman:

Buffalo State NSF S-STEM Scholarships: up to $4,000/year of scholarship for up to four years of undergraduate study in a Science Teachnology Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) major, including STEM department teaching majors. First time college students, minimum of three years HS math and science (four is preferred). http://www.buffalostate.edu/connectwithscience/x473.xml.


Initial Physics Teacher Certification Support:

NYSED HS Math and Science Teacher Scholarships: covers about $4,500/year of tuition for up to four years of undergraduate or one year of graduate study leading to initial teacher certification. Intended for traditional and nontraditional candidates. Forgiven if the recipient works for 5yrs in NYS as a HS Math or Science Teacher. http://www.hesc.com/Content.nsf/SFC/583E21751F505E45852571E3004B2208.

Noyce Fellowships for new K-12 Math and Science Teachers: tuition and living stipend of either $8,500/year for two years undergraduate study or $10,000/yr for one year of graduate study leading to initial teacher certification. Intended for those switching majors or careers to teaching from regular STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering or Math) fields and majors. Awarded directly to recipient; forgiven if recipient works in a "High Needs" K-12 school as a STEM teacher. See http://www.buffalostate.edu/physics/noyce/.

US Federal Student Loan Forgiveness for certain K-12 school teachers: $17,500 or less of US federal (Perkins and Stafford) student loan forgiveness for those loans leading to teacher certification as a math, science or special education teacher. Loans are forgiven over a five year period for five years of service in "High Needs" K-12 schools as a STEM or special education teacher. Intended for traditional STEM education program candidates. See http://www.ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/GEN0414.html.

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KTSF) Fellowships: a quite competitive progrm providing up to $10,000 annually of tuition assistance and stipend for folk who are within 5yrs of their bachelor's degree in a STEM field. Intended for those who already have a STEM bachelors.


In-service Physics Teacher Professional Development & Support:

US Dept of Education Federal No Child Left Behind Title II funds: most US School Districts are eligible for USDOE local Title II funds to purchase training materials, and to support teachers earning advanced degrees that enable teachers to provide more effective instruction in core academic subjects. You must press your administration to fiule for such support; see the detailed materials at the ASU modeling physics project http://modeling.asu.edu/MW_nation.html. That ASU modeling physics website also lists summer workshops for physics teachers, usually awarding graduate credit.

National summer physics workshop and course opportunities: A short list of both funded and unfunded summer opportunities for the Summer 2007 season can be found at http://physicsed.buffalostate.edu/pubs/WebSights/2006-7/05-2007/TPTMay07WebSightsDraft1.htm, and these are frequently multi-year or institutionalized efforts repeated year to year. Such are routinely published in AAPT journals such as the Physics teacher and on the AAPT homepage http://www.aapt.org.

PTEC.org Opportunities database: A database of funded research experiences for physics teachers is maintained by the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PTEC); click on opportunities and search by region. http://ptec.org/