Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism

    Bears in the Woods WB
    The Coin Toss WB
    A Projectile is Launched WB
    2-D Vectors and Coordinate Systems

    Angular Measure and Range WB
    Block of Mass WB
    Rolling Without Slipping WB
    Conservation of Mechanical Energy WB
    Newton's Second Law of Motion WB
    Vector Decomposition and Addition WB

The Angle of Repose WB
    Inclined Plane with Friction WB

Rotational Motion
    Introduction to Rotational Motion WB
   Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion WB
    Gravitational Field Strength and Tides WB

Electric Forces
     Straw and Pens (Static Charge) SE
      Sticky Tape (Charge Interaction) SE
      Electrophorus SE
      Parallel Plate Capacitors WB
      Charge Shuttle  WB

Direct Currents
      Batteries and Bulbs SE
      Parallel Bulbs WB
      Complex Circuit WB
      Capacitors SE

      Permanent Magnets SE
      Solenoids  SE
      Small Motors SE
      Charges in a Magnetic Field WB

 Optics Resources
Geometric Optics
      Soup Spoons (Spherical Mirrors) SE
      Quarters In a Tea Cup (Refraction) SE
      Eye Glasses (Diverging Lenses) SE
      Bulb in a Can  WB
      Concave Mirror  WB
      Refraction of a Diamond  WB
      Converging Lens SE
      Telescopes SE

Physical Optics
      Diffraction SE
      Atomic Spectra SE

Electricity and Magnetism
      Right Hand Rule

Presentations and Papers
    Presentation at NSF CETP conference
     March 24, 2000
    Presentation on Seat Experiments

      University of Helsinki, November 1998

     Whiteboarding in the Classroom
     Arizona Teacher Excellence Coalition